Child Support Enforcement

Although a Court may have signed a child support order, this does not necessarily mean that a party will abide by it.  Sometimes a party may need to seek further assistance from the Court in enforcing that order.  Luckily, Texas allows a party to seek enforcement of child support orders. When is Child Support Enforcement Used

Attorney Fees in Divorces

When trying to decide what attorney to hire in a divorce, or really any legal matter, the attorney fees can play a big factor in making that determination.  Unfortunately, attorney fees are not so easy to predict at the outset of a case. TYPES OF ATTORNEY FEES IN DIVORCESMoney

CPS cases in Texas

Dealing with Child Care Protective Services (CPS) can be a difficult and emotional time for any parent.  It is not an easy process to navigate alone. WHAT IS CPS?CPS CPS is organization designated to protecting the health and welfare of children.  Their job is to investigate reports of

Emotions During A Divorce

Over fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.  This percentage increases with the number of multiple marriages.  For some people, this is a hard reality to face.   But having a better understanding of the different emotions during a divorce, can possibly help you through the process. EMOTIONS DURING DIVORCE During a divorce, emotions can run high.  Each

Same-Sex Marriage in Texas

Recently, a Texas Federal Judge ruled that Texas' ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.  Currently the Judge's ruling is being stayed pending an appeal.  But if upheld,  it could have a huge impact on the LGBT community, possibly allowing them to marry in Texas.  Click here to read more about the ruling and the possible implications.