Divorce Rates

I found this article interesting on how the divorce rates of conservative Protestants are now affecting the divorce rates of non-conservator Protestants. Conservative Protestant's Divorce Rates Different factors seem to contribute to this new study, such as age of marriage, education, and children.  However, these factors are not new when it comes to contributing to divorce

Adult Name Change in Texas

Occasionally, an adult would like to legally change their name.  Texas provides an avenue for adults to accomplish this goal. name change in texasAn adult may desire to change their name for a number of reasons.  Perhaps a woman would like to revert back to using her maiden name after

How to Change a Child’s Name in Texas?

The courts require more information when changing the last name of a minor than they do when conducting a name change of an adult. These measures are designed to ensure that the name change is in the best interest of the child. A name change for a child may be sought for several difference reasons.  One

What are Grandparents’ Rights in Texas?

grandparents rightsAs a biological relative, grandparents have certain rights to their grandchild. Naturally, the extent of those rights are driven by the circumstances. Oftentimes, grandparents need to step in as the caretaker of a child; other times, the grandparent is being barred access to a grandchild,

Divorce Process in Texas

Understanding Divorce in Texas

The divorce process in Texas can be short, or long and painful.  There is no period of separation required in Texas, so a party may file for divorce at any time, regardless of whether or not the spouses are still living together.  But once a divorce petition has been filed with the