Houston Child Support and Custody Attorney

Child support, parental custody, and visitation are some of the most sensitive areas concerning marital divorce cases. The Law Office of Ashley J. Scott helps either parties with setting up fair child support, custody and visitation agreements as well as modifying these terms later on.

A Houston Child Support Attorney Answers Your Questions

The amount paid or received and the length of child support can be calculated with the Texas Child Support Guidelines. Although parents can come up with a different child support agreement, a family court judge must approve that agreement before it can be implemented. Child support can be adjusted to take into account special medical and educational needs of the child and can be modified post-divorce if either party experiences a significant change in circumstances.

Ashley J. Scott, Attorney at Law, represents both payors and payees in child support matters. As a qualified Houston child support attorney, I can help you answer all questions regarding child support modifications and your parental rights. Please look at our website to learn more about child support in Texas and call our office at 713-255-2097 to schedule a consultation.

Houston Custody Attorney: Defending Your Parental Rights

A divorce takes its toll on the entire family, especially the kids. During the stress and sadness of a divorce, it can be easy to lose sight of what is best for your children.

The Law Office of Ashley J. Scott recognizes our role in prioritizing the needs of children caught in the crossfire of a divorce. As a Houston custody attorney, I tackle some of the most difficult cases concerning children with special health or educational needs, allegations of domestic and drug abuse, international custody and visitation issues, split custody, and relocation or transfer cases.

The state of Texas generally supports shared custody arrangements where the time is divided roughly 50/50 between parents. In these joint custody arrangements, one parent is generally given primary physical custody while the other parent gets second custody and is ordered to pay child support. Please call 713-255-2097 or read through our website to learn more about how a Houston custody attorney can defend and assert your parental rights.