Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of a crime is a frightening thing. Attorney at law, Ashley J. Scott, can help you sift through the confusion of being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. At the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott, we value the presumption of innocence and hold the prosecution to meeting their burden of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt. As a creative, compassionate, and competent Houston criminal defense attorney, I can help you through the criminal process. Please call 713-255-2097 for a case evaluation.

An Aggressive Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to your defense, it is important to pick an attorney that is tougher than the Texas law. There are certain qualities that Ashley J. Scott, Attorney at Law, believes a criminal defense attorney should possess.

A defense attorney needs to be meticulous in gather the facts of your case, reviewing the evidence, and scrutinizing the procedure.

Criminal law is constantly changing. A defense attorney must be up-to-date on the current criminal law statutes and practices to provide his/her client with the best defense possible.

A criminal attorney should also be aggressive if he/she is to successfully defend you. The prosecution will not go easy on you and your attorney should be able to combat their allegations.

Practice Areas – Criminal Defense

As a criminal lawyer in Houston, I practice in an array of areas in criminal law. The cases I take on include:

  • Assault;
  • Battery;
  • Domestic Violence;
  • Sex Crimes;
  • Felonies;
  • Misdemeanors;
  • Burglary;
  • Theft;
  • DWI / DUI;
  • and Drug Charges.

Finally, whether you are in jail or out on bail, your criminal defense attorney should be accessible. Attorneys should make themselves available to their clients. Communication with your attorney should be honest, allowing you to foster a positive relationship with your lawyer and a more solid defense theory. Mrs. Scott makes herself extremely available to all of her clients.

If you are looking for all of these attributes in a Houston criminal defense attorney, call the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott.