Houston DWI Defense Attorney

A criminal DWI charge can have serious implications, spanning from the suspension of your license to jail time. Do not allow a mistake to cost you your liberties. Houston DWI defense attorney, Ashley J. Scott, can help you navigate the legal system and advocate for a favorable outcome in your case.

DWI / DUI Charges in Texas

A blood alcohol content of .08 is the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle.  Despite being under the legal limit, Law enforcement officers may still arrest you if they have reason to believe your driving has been impaired by intoxication, or you do poorly on the field sobriety test. Grounds for stopping a driver include, but are not limited, to:

  • Drifting between lanes;
  • Swerving;
  • Broken taillight;
  • No headlights;
  • Almost hitting something or someone;
  • Reckless braking;
  • Expired inspection sticker or registration.

Time is of the essence when arrested for a DWI. Once charged, you only have 15 days from the date of notice of suspension to request an ALR (Administrative License Revocation) hearing to contest the suspension of you license.  The expensive fines, community service, suspension of your license, and loss of your freedom that can come with being charged with a DWI and/or DWI conviction can be extremely detrimental to both your personal and professional life.

Houston DWI Attorney

There are several ways to combat a DWI charge. Typically, we investigate the legality of the stop, potential problems with the breath and/or blood test results, and performance on the field sobriety tests.

At the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott, we are ready to represent you every step of the way, including ALR hearings, sentencing, and possibly the expungement process.

As a DWI defense attorney, I take a critical and realistic approach to these types of cases. Our goal is to minimize the punitive consequences and advocate for a favorable outcome. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experience Houston DWI attorney.